Strange happenings in my garden

Over the past week I’ve observed something strange taking place in my garden. It left me puzzled.I noticed that the ponytail palms along the boundary fence of our property were losing their long, strap-like leaves. They lay littered under the palms. Strangely, they were not brown and dead, but green and healthy-looking. I blamed the mess on the severe and prolonged drought we have been experiencing over the past three years and gave them an extra watering, using the hose. After a few days they looked no better. A day or two later I noticed a movement through the window, and to my surprise I caught the culprit red-handed!

Although giraffes usually eat acacia leaves, they will eat many other plants they normally don’t if drought persists. In this case, my ponytail palms. Notice how Mr Long Neck chewed off the soft, juicy crown.

That same morning I glimpsed another strange event. The pic is just clear enough to see what is taking place. What to do when you find your dog eating the seeds in the birdfeeder …? Notice she is well fed.



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