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Jazzing up the winter browns

We’re past the winter’s longest day, but we still have at least two months of cold and brown gardens. I long for a bit of colour.

The best way to get it is to head for our local nursery. I’ve been writing all morning and I think I’ve earned a break. I have an empty pot ready to be planted with a cheerful annual or two, and I position it where I can see it through the kitchen window.

I choose violas in a lovely periwinkle blue, white alyssums and a shocking pink geranium. Now that’s colour. I also grab a bag each of potting soil and compost and some bonemeal. I still have some fertilizer in the garage – one that encourages flowering.

Once home I place a pebble or two over the pot’s drainage holes, mix the soil and fertilizer to give the plants a good start, plant them and stand back to look. Right there in front of me, that’s therapy for banishing winter browns.


A colourful combination of alyssum, geranium and violas

Already the first bees have come to visit the sweetly fragranced alyssum.  I feel better already! I love plants! Let me know if you agree by adding a comment.