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Reading and Reviewing

My Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in my blog. This is where I indulge and share my passion for books, authors and, of course, my own books.

Few things beat a good book, the astringent ink-smell, and that unique paper crackle the first time a brand-new novel is opened, bursting with promise. At night or on holiday, I usually reach for my iPad.

Although I review books I, too, appreciate the time and effort a reader takes to review my own books on Amazon, Goodreads or other sites. I have learned from experience how hard authors work and how difficult it is to be noticed. That’s the reason I decided to give something back to them by reviewing.

I accept books from publishers. I also accept review requests from self-published authors, provided we follow each other on social media or the author is recommended to me by a fellow blogger.

I feel uncomfortable about promoting anything that I haven’t actually read. When I have I review honestly, and when I don’t enjoy a book I would rather stop reading and let the sender know. Please don’t let this discourage you. Thankfully, tastes differ and just because I didn’t enjoy your book doesn’t mean others won’t, and vice versa. I may even enjoy your next book. It’s not a blot on your name – just one step on the pathway towards discovery.

Where I review

I post reviews on Amazon under the name Between the Leaves and on Goodreads. I am not paid or affiliated to any organization. If I really enjoyed something I read, I’ll tweet it.

What I read

Most fiction.

Non-fiction, especially biographies and books related to garden design.

Pre-publication books.

I particularly enjoy supporting new and unknown authors.

What I don’t read

Science fiction, fantasy, erotica, paranormal, zombies, vampires and werewolves.

I avoid books containing excessive profanity, blasphemy or gratuitous sex.


I am happy for anyone to reproduce my reviews, or in part, as long as I am acknowledged.

 Get the Ball Rolling

 Tell me about the book you’d like me to read and review by sending me a link. I try to answer all requests and respond as soon as my time allows.

 How to find me

You will find H.C. Maree on http://facebook.com/hcmaree

Twitter @HC Maree.

My contact email is hcmaree1@gmail.com


Happy writing!