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Getting Orchids to Flower

Orchid Splendour: Tips on how to get yours to bloom like this!For years, I’d been nursing the Cattleya orchids that I’d received as gifts on Mother’s Days and birthdays, but despite all my attempts at feeding, watering and pampering them, they just never flowered again.

I eventually put them outside on a shelf in a protected courtyard where they stood for perhaps a year. They grew increasingly unhappy and I noticed scale starting to grow on them.

Step 1

In desperation of losing my precious gifts, I took them all down one day, cleaned the leaves with a weak solution of dishwashing liquid and water, and wiped them down carefully.

Step 2

Then, I went in search of a tree log and dragged it into an area of dappled sunlight under some trees.

Step 3

I removed the orchids from their pots, spread out the roots and positioned them over the bark of the log. I then tied them to the log, using twine.

Step 4

Instead of watering them with one of those regular orchid feeds, I diluted the orchid feed with water in a spray bottle and sprayed all the orchids once a month using this fertilizer. The spray bottle works better than simply pouring water over them as I had done previously, because it simply runs off the plant.

I did not give them any more attention than usual, besides watering about twice a week. And SURPRISE! Look at these beautiful blooms. There is something so satisfying about growing plants and seeing them perform to their ultimate capacity. How beautiful.

Hope this helps you accomplish the same with your orchids. I’ve heard one can do the same with Cymbidiums, but I’m really no expert. Perhaps some orchid lovers could inform me better. I must just add that I’m fortunate to live in a subtropical area, so please bear this in mind when considering following my advice.

Simply useful tip, isn’t it?